Ilkley Gazette War Photos


This is a booklet containing a total of 60 photos, from a large number which appeared in the Ilkley Gazette, during the war years.



This booklet contains a total of 60 photos which appeared in the Ilkley Gazette during the war years.


Photographs were not as common in the Ilkley Gazette in the First World War as the Second World War. By the Second World War, photography had to a certain extent, improved. Furthermore, paper quality was poor and photographs were subject, as with text, to censorship. Photographs have been chosen which haven’t been seen regularly in other publications or haven’t been seen before, outside the pages of the Gazette.

Hopefully a cross-section of the activities of Ilkley people, at home and overseas, has been covered. Together with the other booklets, these pictures will come to have deeper meaning. One can see this when interpreting some of the war poems meaning from the war poems booklet.


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